Thursday, April 5, 2018

A good night...

Well, I'd like to tell you what a good night we had with Rufus's first night in the house... but, that would be a big fat lie.  I was thinking Rufus would be excited with all this extra room to run - that may come with time and learning where everything is, but as of this morning, he is pretty agitated.  OK, he had a restless night, too.  Which means we all had a restless night.

Apparently, this house is full of all kinds of cat-scary things.

This morning, he has gone from room to room meowing.  Loudly.  When we coax him onto a lap, he is quiet and content... for a moment, then continues the wandering and meowing.  Joan thinks he is concerned that his world is all different; I think he is checking acoustics.  ;-)

He did stop the meowing long enough to eat his breakfast.  Then, back to the pacing and meowing.

He went into another room, and the meowing stopped... Joan looked at me and said, "Now, you're wondering what he's up to, aren't you?"

Well, I wasn't... until you said that.

Once he learns that this is "all his," he will settle in.  I hope.


In the meantime, we still have much of the coach to unload.  I'm going to need a nap.


On edit: Rufus found a new place to hide: under the "listening chair" in the guitar room.  He managed to slither under it - we never would have found him, if not for the very quiet meow when we were calling his name.  Joan tilted the chair back and he came out.  Cats seem to be "shape-shifters," since it doesn't appear that there is room for him to get under that chair.

I got my X20 off the wall and went to the couch to play some music while Joan made us a delightful breakfast... yeah, the furry boy came to sit by my side while I was playing...

Bed-head and jammies.  Me, not him.  He is happy to have some music.  I am happy to be playing the X20.  Real happy for the great breakfast that is coming.  After his morning concert, Rufus stopped the vocals and hiding.

Joan and I went to work with the continued unloading process: she started in the motorhome, I went to work on the cargo trailer (getting the bikes unstrapped and the extra stuff we carry in there put away).  I was just finishing up the trailer when Joan was ready to haul a large load into the house... and Mother Nature was ready to start the precip again.

All that's left in the coach is our hanging clothes, and then cleaning.  Joan can do the inside regardless of what Mother Nature gives us; the exterior will have to wait for another day... out at the storage unit... when the humidity is lower... so, December or so.  ;-)

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