Friday, April 27, 2018

Beach baby, beach baby...

Joan has been working on a quilt project, I spent some time playing her* guitar.  No boat, no scoots today.  We went out for a late lunch over on the island.  Before heading back to our island, we took a drive by the beach - beautiful emerald color to the water today...

With the breeze out of the northeast today, I expected more wave action.  Wind around 15 mph, and a few kite surfers taking advantage of that.  We watched a ship head out, and just enjoyed the scenery.  The Friday traffic was getting thicker on our drive back across the causeway.


* Regarding "Joan's guitar": no she doesn't play.  Right after I bought my Taylor 814, we came upon a deal too good to pass up on this Taylor T5.  I couldn't justify getting another guitar, so Joan said, "This one is mine... but, I will let you play it."  Very nice of her.  The T5 is an electric thin hollowbody.  It plays and sounds great.  I haven't had this one out of the case in a while; I'll work it into "the rotation."

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