Friday, May 18, 2018

Well, that blows...

The wind.  Yes, it is always windy here.  There is a reason this area is voted in the Top 10 of wind-surfing destinations.  During our "springtime," the wind is generally light in the early morning, then builds as the day goes on.

With winds predicted to be 25mph and higher over the next several days, I told myself I'd "see if it was down enough for a morning cruise today"... nope.  The weasels were predicting 20+ mph by 10:00; turns out they were a bit behind on that.  Before 9:00, I went out to wrestle with the boat cover; it's a beast to put on, but it comes off pretty easy if/when the wind cuts us a break.

Along with those SSE winds comes the higher temperatures... it was 82º by the time I finished with the cover.  The predictions are for 100º+ in the Valley; we'll probably see upper 80s here on the coast.

This isn't just a weather report - we base our activities on what Mother Nature has in store.  Won't be boating.  Maybe a short scooter ride.  Hopefully, the BBQ place has fixed their water problem.

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