Monday, February 11, 2019

She does this everyday??

I truly admire what our daughter does: she is a great teacher.  She is firm, but patient.  It is a treat to watch her work with the kids.

Today was another "volunteer day" for us.  We had two classes of Gravity Cruiser builds: the kids have their cars to the point that we are doing test runs and refining.  Joan works with them on building the cars, I work with them on the test runs and evaluation.  I don't tell them what changes to make, but I do try to ask questions that lead them to a better function of the cars.

After those two classes, Steph had her Math Intervention class.  I worked with a group on long division.  They were getting it, making my job easier.  That gave Steph the opportunity to work with the other groups that needed more help.

And then, the first of the guitar lessons...

Quite a variety of guitars, but everyone at the "brand new at this" stage.  It took me a while to get all the guitars in tune.  A bit of explanation on the parts of the guitar.  Some discussion of expectations and how much time to devote to practicing each day... and, letting them know that I will know whether they practice or not.  And then: introducing them to two chords: C and G.

There was a lot of "Oh, my fingers don't bend that way!" and "Ow - that hurts!"  No idea if any of them will stick with it, but there was a lot of enthusiasm at this start.  And a lot of banging on guitars.  Yes, our daughter is very patient.

While I did the guitar lesson, Joan worked on building another Gravity Cruiser...

She made one a couple years ago, and Steph used it as an example of what can be done with the project.  I'm not the only one who thought it was a great build - the guy from GM (they sponsor this science project) "borrowed" Joan's car a few weeks ago to use at another school that is doing this... and never brought it back.  Looks to me like this one she is working on right now will be even better.


Hudson River Boater said...

Good for you two and your Daughter-- Thanks for Teaching.. More Schools need to do the same..

Would like to meet you & The Blond one day-- You sound like good folks..

Maybe a Boat Ride to the Black Duck in Westport CT-- One Day maybe..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi HRB - haven't heard from you in a while. Children are our future, right? ;-) Thanks for the kind words. The credit goes to dedicated teachers like our daughter and son-in-law. They are there everyday for these kids.

Not sure when we'll get out east. If/when, we'll have to do a face-to-face. Best wishes to you.