Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Geezer Pass...

Some may remember how excited I was last year when I got my Senior Pass - a lifetime pass to National Parks, National Recreation Areas, National Wildlife Refuges, BLM sites, National Forest sites.  It was only $10 (for those 62 and over); easily the best National Park deal ever, and a great perk for living long enough to get it!

On December 10, your Congress passed a bill raising the fees for passes at all those National Parks and Federal Recreation Areas.  Under the new law, the Senior Pass will raise to $80.  Yes, an 800% increase!  An annual Senior Pass will be $20 - only a 100% increase for one year, compared to what you used to get for the rest of your life!

I waited for decades to be able to get this pass.  If I was getting close to 62, I would be pissed!  OK, even though I have my pass, I am still pissed!  That is an outrageous price increase.

No idea when the price increase will take effect, so you better hurry to your nearest National Park or Federal Recreation Area that sells this pass, and get one... if you are "age qualified."

Considering what the entrance cost is at most parks, $80 for a lifetime pass will still be a good deal... but not as good as $10.  Our National Parks need the increased funding... but, an 800% increase?  And who is to say where those additional $$ will go?

Disclaimers: you must be 62 to participate; limited time offer; did I mention: an 800% increase???

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