Saturday, December 3, 2016

Holiday woes...

Yeah, they lied.  Talking about the weasels, of course.  70% chance of precip today - it was hazy and muggy; no rain.  With the boat in the driveway, my plan for the day was to get some Christmas lights put up.

Hot and humid while putting up lights... yeah, that'll get you in the Christmas spirit.  ;-)  First order of business: checking out all the lights to make sure they work.  We were in Arizona last year for Christmas, so the lights didn't get used.  I plugged in my "centerpiece," a large star... it needs to be assembled, but all the lights work!

I assembled it, and... only 4/5 of the lights lit up.  I put it aside and went to my "next up": a string of stars... only half of them worked.  (Sigh)  Netx string of stars, an improvement: 2/3 of them worked.  Put it aside, too.  Garland lights: they all lit (one in a row!).  I tossed all the stuff that didn't work when we last used them, so I expected everything we still have to be 100%.  More garland lights - all lit.  Three sets of icicle lights - yep, they work.  I started hanging them, without a "centerpiece."  Clark Griswold would be disappointed.

Joan went to the store while I was working on the lights; when she came back, she offered to go through the lights in my star... she has more patience that I do.  An hour or so later, she had all the lights in the big star working!  By this point, the mosquitoes had driven us inside (they come out at dusk), so the star will have to go up tomorrow.

Could be worse... could be shoveling snow.  ;-)

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