Friday, December 9, 2016

I love a parade...

Too bad - it's been canceled.

The weather has been the story the past couple days: an early norther impacted the area yesterday and today, worse than the weasels predicted.  The high today was supposed to be in the mid-50s... well, that happened in the middle of the night, and the temperature continued to drop: 42ยบ this afternoon, with the wind still out of the north around 30 mph.  Not pleasant.

Tonight was supposed to be the Lighted Christmas Parade on South Padre Island... it has been canceled due to the weather.  Wind chills are into the low 30s, and people in this area just aren't used to that; and many don't have cold weather wear.  So, canceled... not being rescheduled.

Sorry to say, I think that is for the best.

We did get out and about today, in spite of the weather.  We ordered some bunk slicks to make the boat slide on and off the trailer easier.  We went to the boat yard and picked up our trailer; I'll get the slicks installed, then take the trailer back... in time for bottom paint to be finished and the boat loaded back on the trailer.  The boat is now supposed to be done Wednesday or so.

There is a new burger place on the island: Johnny Rocket's.  It is a chain burger restaurant, with a 50s diner motif.  We decided to give that a try today... good burger, tasty bacon cheese fries, onion rings, and real malts and shakes.  Two thumbs up.

Considering the ugly weather, when the going gets tough, the tough change guitar strings.  Four of them were due for new strings - easier to get the job done with my little helper...

No table in my guitar room, so the island in our kitchen does duty as my "guitar work station."  The lighting is decent, it's a good working height, and that thick blanket pads it nicely.  It is also the only time Izzy is allowed on that island... although she may go up there when we aren't home... but I doubt that, since she is the sweetest kitty on the planet.

She loves it when I play guitar for her, and comes for a closer position when I get a guitar out.  Or, in this case, several guitars out.  I have my routine down, so it doesn't take long with each guitar to get the strings changed and the fretboard and neck cleaned.

I use Elixir strings, known for lasting longer than other strings.  Plus, I like how they sound.  Each of my guitars has a unique voice, and each still sounds different, even strung-up with the same strings.  Of course, each of them needed some playing time to help the strings to settle in.

We turned on the outdoor Christmas lights this evening.  The wind has backed off to the upper teens, no precip, but still plenty chilly.  No parade, but we'll have our own lights to look at.  :-)

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