Friday, December 23, 2016

Must be Christmas...

The stockings were hung by the entertainment center with care.  A wonderful ham dinner was in everyone's belly.  We were playing games for prizes (a family Christmas tradition).  Laughter and excitement.

Yep, it must be Christmas.

Are we reading the calendar wrong?  No.  Steph and Dan are usually here through Christmas, but their travel plans brought them earlier and has them heading for Arizona on Christmas Eve... so, last night was Christmas Eve, and this morning we awoke to find out that Santa Claus was tuned in to our timing.  What a guy!

We opened presents last night (again, family tradition), then - if you are good - Santa comes overnight.  We were (apparently), he did.

Yes, Izzy gets in on it - she is family.

I have to explain that last one: Steph and Dan found a place where they could get a personalized rug... it looks like one of my old Fender amps, but with the boat name (Cool Change) on it, where it would normally say "Fender."  Cute.

There were a lot of good surprises (not always easy to do with this group), and fun.  There are still some more prizes for which to be competed.  (How's that for proper English-talkin'?)

The cold has moved on - it will be in the upper 70s to low 80s today... just the way I like to celebrate the holiday! 


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