Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My bottom looks good...

Thanks for noticing.  Talking about my boat's bottom, of course.

After some absolutely beautiful days (and a couple nasty, ugly, windy ones), we finally got our boat back from being bottom painted.  Not from the boat dealer where we bought it - they were great.  This was more of an ordeal... but, it is done.

The weather wasn't as nice as the last couple days, but I was glad to have the boat home.  To launch or not launch - that is the question.  Why would we not launch?  Mother Nature found out that Steph is coming to visit... there is another snotty norther on the way.  We may have a semi-decent (but windy) day or two before the norther gets here... sure, let's get the boat back in the water.

In our driveway, we took the cover off, and got the boat ready for the ramp (fenders and lines on, hitch extension on the Honda)...

I drove the car and trailer around to the ramp, then got the boat ready to start while Joan backed it down the ramp.  I think it slid off the trailer easier with the new bunk slicks... since they weren't cheap, I'm going with: yeah, they really made a difference.  ;-)

We didn't have to back the Honda down as far, and I motored off the trailer.  As long as the boat was floating free, I backed it away from the ramp while Joan pulled the trailer out and got it rinsed off... meet you back at our dock.

Motoring away from the ramp...

Yeah, it's a gray ol' day.  It isn't supposed to rain until this evening, though.  In the ICW, there are more shrimpers in port...

Getting close to Christmas - the crews want to be in, and time to sell their catch to have some $$ for presents.

I turned into the outside canal, leading to our canal...

By the time I got to our dock, Joan already had the trailer parked and unhitched, the car parked, and was at the dock to help me tie off.  No cruising today - just getting the boat back in the water, where she belongs.

I wrestled with the cover... almost a guarantee it won't rain tonight.  Well, we did wash the car yesterday.

Some higher than normal highs, and lower than normal low tides the past couple days, thanks to the Supermoon.  We timed our launch and return to our dock to be about mid-tide.

Now, if Mother Nature will cut us a little slack, we'll be able to take Steph and Dan out to see some dolphins while they're here.

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