Saturday, December 31, 2016

Oh, the agony of it!

We got a call this afternoon... the Spectrum guy is able to come earlier than scheduled.  Good news all around - we get our internet fixed in the daylight, and he can head for home earlier on a holiday evening.

The guy went right to work, checking the cable connection outside the house before he even checked in with us.  He told us: process of elimination... the signal is good coming to the house.  He then went to work... cutting the ends off of every cable coax cord in the house, and putting new ends of them.  Well, not just in the house, but we have a TV connection outside, too.

The "agony" of it: there were three new coax cords that came with the wifi modem; they had wonderful plastic covered ends on them - so easy to screw in!  Yep, he chopped off every single one of them.  Then, determined that the modem wasn't working properly because of the splitter that was supplied the modem.  The fix was: moving the modem to another room where it could have a cable connection all its own, without using a splitter.

Nice guy, hard working.  Efficient.  But, he cut those wonderful ends off the cords.  (Sigh)

On the bright side, we now have 70 meg speed; much faster than the hotspot from my iPhone... which will still be our internet connection when we are away from the house.

Joan is feeling a bit under the weather... I'll guess we'll spend our New Years Eve... online.  ;-)

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