Monday, December 19, 2016

Our kids are here!

Well, one kid by blood, another by marriage, but they are both ours.  Wonderful to see our daughter and son-in-law again.

That's the good news.  The bad: we tossed them out of the house.  Sorta.  The power is still out.  It is still cold (in the 40s), but the wind has eased up some.  Steph is nursing a cold or bronchitis, or the plague - we did not want her to have to sleep in a cold house, so we got them a motel room.  I offered one for Joan and I would stay in the house with little Izzy.  Nope - she's crazy about us, so it's the three of us snuggled for warmth again tonight.

Why no power?  Turns out there was a bad cable (electrical) that they found today.  When they went to turn power on, it blew a transformer.  Put in another transformer and sparks and smoke at our main switching station on our island.  The first estimate was we'd have power back on around noon.  Then, 2:00.  Then, 5:30.  Then, "only two more hours."  That came and went two hours ago... odds are pretty good we won't see any power tonight.  Automated group calling said to "turn your heaters and furnaces off before they try to get power on again."

Got surge?  A thousand or so residences that have been without power on the coldest norther of the season - everybody wants their power back on!  And heat.  And lights.  Oh, and the opportunity to plug in every rechargeable device they own.  I know our jumper battery won't last much longer, so it may be a while before I get to post again.

I am getting pretty darn ready for a hot shower.  And, some TV.  Oh, and I really miss my Christmas lights!

We'll see what tomorrow brings.  It is supposed to get all the way up to 55º tomorrow, about 20 degrees or so below normal, but it will beat the heck out of the 39ª I saw on our outside thermometer this morning.

So, we got to hug Steph and Dan goodnight, then trekked back to a dark, chilly house.  And a confused kitty who is happy to see us.  Mainly for the body heat, I'm thinking.  ;-)

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