Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sent 'em packin'...

We took our sweet daughter and patient son-in-law to the airport today.  I really don't like good-byes, but we won't have to be apart too long before we see them again... when we go there, next.

We had a wonderful time while they were here - Mother Nature even cut us some slack for a couple of the days.  When heading for the airport it was 75º... and raining.  Of course.  We let them out at the door for departures, then went to park the car.  The last few minutes together in the airport are better than "a drop-off."  More time for hugs.

When they went through security and disappeared out of our sight, we headed for the car.  Didn't need the umbrella.  Oh, it was still overcast, but about the time they were boarding the plane...

Yeah, that is a patch of blue sky in the upper left corner of that image; even bluer than it looks, since that was through the tinted windshield.  As we headed towards the coast, the sky got clearer.  Mostly sunny/hazy at home right now.

I would really like Steph and Dan to see a week of beautiful weather to get some idea of what it is really like here.  ;-)

Back home, I started to sort through my Christmas gifts... yep, another year proving that life on the Naughty List isn't so bad.  One of my gifts is a rear view mirror for my bike helmet, for use when riding the e-bike.  My previous bicycle had a mirror on the handlebar grip, that worked well... with the folding handlebars on this bike, that isn't a good option.  Joan found me a mirror that attaches to my bike helmet...

She apparently thought it was pretty funny looking at me with a helmet on inside.  And, my eyes crossing as I tried to find the best adjustment position for the mirror.  That's the Christmas spirit.


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