Sunday, December 11, 2016


Not talking about my hair, nor my "moves" with the Blonde.

"You have moves?" you ask.  That isn't the subject here.  Today, since Mother Nature has moved the cold weather on out, is my time to get the bunk slicks on the trailer.

"What are bunk slicks?" you ask.

You ask a lot of questions.  The bunks are the supports on the trailer that hold the boat.  Like most boat trailers, our bunks (wood) are covered with carpet.  The slicks go on, either over or in place of the carpet, to allow the boat to slide on and off the trailer easier.  These are made of smooth plastic; they come in 2' and 4' lengths - you cut or piece them to fit the length of the bunks.

I was working in the driveway wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans; a nice change from the past couple of cold days, it is in the upper 70s today.  In fact, it felt toasty with that black t-shirt...

I had to make a few cuts in the side of the slicks to fit the bunk support brackets.  You screw the slicks on from both sides to keep them in place.

Next launch will probably be Wednesday, so we'll see how they work.

Coming back inside for a cold drink, one of us was looking particularly cute.  No, not me...

Nothing else to say, it has been a few days since there was an Izzy photo here.  You're welcome.


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