Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Rapper...

Way before rap music was a thing, there was a song called The Rapper.  If you said, "The Jaggerz, 1970," you get 1,000 bonus points.  Yeah, that one was a reach.

Today, we had a wrap party.  Not to be confused with a wrap party at the completion of filming a movie.  No, this one was about wrapping presents...

The Blonde is happily wrapping Christmas presents.  If you look to the far left, litte Izzy is in her pop-up tent...

She is also into the Christmas spirit: she offered to walk on the beach so we could get a visit from... Sandy Claws.  That joke never gets old.  Well, not between Izzy and me.

After seeing all the "Cats messing with Christmas trees and presents" videos on the internet, I know that we are fortunate to have a little furry girl who doesn't get into stuff.  In fact, if you look at the stocking behind her stocking (on the right), you can see another stocking full of cat toys.  I was concerned that it would spoil the surprise, but Izzy hasn't messed with it at all.

In fact, we went out for a late lunch, stopped to drop off some items for Whiskers (the local thrift shop whose proceeds help support the local animal shelter), got the car washed, then did some grocery shopping.  When we got home, little Iz was still in her "house" - as near as I could tell, all she had done was rotate to lay on the other side...

"Stop taking my picture!"

Yes, I'm kidding.  That last shot was mid-yawn, not a ferocious growl.  Did I mention: sweet.

All three of us are anxious to have Steph and Dan visit, next week.  Stephanie pretends to be a little jealous of all the attention Izzy gets, but we tell Steph that she is the favorite.  For full disclosure, we tell Iz that she's the favorite, too.  ;-)

We have been trying to keep Steph and Dan's visit a secret... but, apparently, Mother Nature found out: there is another cold front that will be blowing in the same day they arrive.  It may be the weather weasels trying to have something dramatic to talk about, but they are saying this one will be colder and snottier than the norther that just passed.  That's OK, our hearts will be full of warmth.


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