Monday, December 19, 2016

This takes me back to my childhood...

When Abe Lincoln and I were school mates.  Doing homework by the light of the fireplace... because there was no electricity... and the winter storm raged outside... and there was no electricity.

Yep, it has been over 24 hours now, still no power.  It was 56º in the house when I got up at 0:dark:30.  I put on my winter jacket and went outside to check on the boat.  All good.  The wind has let up to about 25 mph with higher gusts, the outside air temp is 40º... making for a wind chill of: holy shit - there's a wind chill!

Honestly, I think we had it easier when Abe and I were kids, because we were tougher back then.  We didn't have heat and lights that you could beckon at the flip of a switch.  So, we were used to being cold and in the dark a lot.

I did fire up the catalytic heater this morning.  In about two hours, it has raised the temperature in the house to 58.6º ... another 10 degrees (which by my calculations will take more time than we have propane for), and I'll be able to take off my winter coat.  That I'm wearing in the house.  Because it is 58.6º in the house.

No idea how long we'll be without power.  Pretty sure we'll be tossing a bunch of food that was in the fridge if this goes on much longer.  We haven't made any plan for which of the neighbors we'll eat first, but I'm sure it will come up in discussions soon.

You know how they say, "It is always darkest before the dawn"?  Well, no shit, Shakespeare!  Actually, it was darkest here for a short time last night, when half of our resort got power.  No, not the half we are in.  But, you could see lights in houses; some people even turned on their outside Christmas lights!  Kind of a "Nyah, nyah, nyah!" to the side of the resort that didn't have power (us).  It didn't last long... and their power was gone again, too.  I'm not proud of this, but I don't recall another time wishing people's Christmas lights would go out!

Yes, I am kidding.  Not about the 58.6º in the freakin' house, nor eating the neighbors, nor doing homework with Abe... that's all true.  I'm talking about wishing the Christmas lights would go out for those fortunate ones who had power for a brief time.  I'm not a monster.  The Christmas lights gave me hope... which has now been dashed... as Izzy and I wrestle for a blanket.  Yes, I'm kidding again - I would never take Izzy's blanket - she would bite me!  Seriously, it's every man and cat for himself (or herself, as the case may be).

Yes, I'm kidding again.  It is chilly... and by that, I mean: it's way too damn cold for the Tropical Tip (Tropical Tip, my ass!), but we aren't suffering like much of the country that has below freezing temps, snow and ice.  We have no ice.  The ice that was in our freezer has melted.  But, I digress... as long as the juice in the jumper battery holds out, I have internet and this computer.  And no freakin' idea why the power is out or why it is taking so long to restore it??

No way to make coffee when Joan gets up.  This could be serious.

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