Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We are back, baby!

The power came back on about 11:30 last night.  It stayed on through the night.  One in a row!

Bad timing to lose power during a particularly norther event.  I'm guessing the original outage was due to overloading the dated grid on our island.  AEP (our power company) hung in there, working on it through the cold and wind.  No doubt it was frustrating for them, as one repair exposed another (and another) weakness in the system.

For the first few hours, people took it in stride.  I've heard it said that society is 3 meals away from total chaos (meaning: if circumstances turn dire, and you miss three meals, expect a breakdown of civility and social graces).  I'm here to tell you it is less than that timeframe when the electricity goes away.

I heard some people compare it with the aftermath of Hurricane Dolly in 2008, when power was out on our island for over a week.  It was hot and humid during that time... but people expect hot and humid around here.  They don't expect cold.

We had breakfast yesterday at the Mexican restaurant just off our island.  Yes, they had power.  We weren't the only ones who headed there for morning coffee and a hot meal... the place was populated with mostly folks who looked like they needed coffee and a hot meal... and a shower.  ;-)  I sorta washed my hair with cold water before we went there, but I drew the line at shaving with cold water.  Easy to joke about it now that we have heat and hot water - it wasn.t very funny when that cold cleaning wipe made contact with my nether regions yesterday!!

Yep, approaching total anarchy.

But, for now, we are getting back to normal.  Every electronic device we own is drinking in electricity.  Joan is rewashing the stuff that was in the washing machine when the power went out.  Izzy is snuggled under her blanket, because that is her routine, not because she is cold.  The heat ran all night... and it was wonderful!

After we have a chance to thoroughly clean up, we will pick up the kids from their motel and get back to a bunch of togetherness... as it should be.


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