Friday, December 2, 2016

Where does the time go?

On this day, a lot of years ago, I watched a pretty Blonde walk down the aisle and commit to marrying me.  I pledged to love, honor, and cherish.  She agreed to love, honor, and obey.  She denies that she said the last one... perhaps grounds for breach of contract?

Like many long-married couples, we arranged something special for this day: break-in service for the pontoon boat.  Tracker Marine took very good care of us - got us in and out in the time they estimated, fixed the couple shake-down items we had, changed the engine and lower unit oil, and looked everything over... good to go, and a very fair price.

While they had the boat, I took my Honey out for breakfast, then we did some more Christmas shopping.  The sign shop had our registration numbers and boat name ready... ahead of schedule.

On the way home, we stopped at a boat place to get the bottom paint scheduled.  Yep, it was pretty much a boat-related anniversary.

Once home, we put the boat in the driveway so I could get our TX numbers and the boat name put on...

Yes, the decision has been made... "Cool Change" in a squeeker of a vote.

The boat goes in Monday for bottom paint.  In the meantime, she will probably sit in the driveway 'till it is time to take her in for paint.  So, no boat/dolphin/scenery photos for a week or so.

The weather weasels were predicting rain, occasionally heavy, for the weekend... it'll probably be gorgeous, since we don't have the boat in.  ;-)


Unknown said...

Hey Capt Jim,

When you launched the boat the first time you couldn't do it with the CRV. Did you do something different in order to recover the boat?

Wayne (RVbum) NuWaOwners Forum

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Wayne. Yes, we put an extension on the hitch; adds about 30", which is enough when combined with retrieving at mid-tide instead of low tide (ramp is steeper further down). Use of the extension cuts the recommended tongue weight by half, which is no problem - this boat is pretty light. We wouldn't tow on the road with that extension, but it is just the additional length we need for the ramp.