Sunday, March 19, 2017

A hot time in the old town...

... all day.  95º for a high here today.  Wind about 2 mph most of the day.  In the words of the philosopher, Paris Hilton: "That's hot."

Last night, the area had a record high low temperature for over-night.  Um, the low for the night was higher than any previous low on record.  Sometimes, I think they have to stretch to find something to talk about on the weather broadcasts here.  ;-)

But, it's a dry heat.  We went out to eat with Steph and Dan today; sitting in the back seat, looking around, the only cloud I saw was in the distance, over the mountains.

The lack of clouds (and humidity) makes for less than dramatic sunsets...

A few moments of color before the sun completely disappeared.  I think we'll be running the A/C tonight, again.


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