Tuesday, March 21, 2017

False Advertising...

I believe in "tell it like it is."  If you are of the proper grammar persuasion, you may say, "tell it as it is," but it does not have the same panache.

The kids bought lunch for us today; their way of thanking us for checking in on their fur babies the last couple weeks while there were some tummy issues.  That wasn't necessary, but who turns down a "free lunch"??  And, we certainly would have done whatever our grandkitties need, with no expectation of a reward at the end... other than having happy, healthy kitties.  Lunch at Oregano's?  Yeah, I'm in.  Especially when there are left-overs for an easy supper!

We planned for some shopping once again after lunch, so we parted company with Steph and Dan.  Joan had a list, and we worked our way through the stores and down her list.  Yesterday, I got a new pair of skivvies at the Under Armor store.  No, I don't make it a point to discuss my U-trow, but these are comfortable and cool... Under Armor makes good gear for cold and warm weather wear.

So, today, I wanted to go back and pick up some more, now that I know they fit and are comfortable.  I do have a problem with them, though.  What's that you ask?  Well, a photo is worth a thousand words...

They fit fine, but I don't look anything like the photo on the front of the package.  (Insert your own "package" humor here.)  I naturally assumed the skivvies would give me 6-pack abs (instead of a keg), and a hairless, toned torso.  They do nothing of that sort!  What's that?  I am not their target audience?  I am male, I wear underwear, and I would like those underwear to keep the boys cool.  And, of course, to make me look like the image on the box.  Well, except I would like to keep my head.  The image on the box has no head... probably so more of us guys can identify with it.

Well, mostly.

What?  More information than you want or need?  That's the chance you take when reading a free blog.

Coulda been worse.



Hudson River Boater said...

No Head in that Pic. and I would hope you never post one.. Thank God.. I go Camo Myself..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Um, commando? No, don't answer that. Really. Just don't.