Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Getting short...

No, I'm not talking about old guys shrinking.  Although, I think I am about an inch shorter than I used to be.  Maybe it's the "old guy" velcro shoes?  LOL

It is time to think about getting on down the road.  It has been a couple months, and my itchy feet are telling me it is time to wander.  My heart tells me how much I enjoy spending time with my darling daughter.  And, of course, her husband.  And, the grandkitties.  But, they all have lives, and while I have no doubt we make those lives brighter ;-), it is about time.

When we've been in one place this long with the motorhome, we have a lot of putting away to do.  Something about spreading out, and not just my waistline.

One of the things on my agenda: washing the coach.  I was thinking tomorrow or Friday, but when I got up this morning, it was cool... the wind was calm... the sun is shining.  Yep, time to get after that.  This coach is only 29' long, but it seems to expand when washing.  And, it was grubby after the 12 seconds of sprinkles a couple days ago, followed by dusty winds.

Not any more; the Aspect is all shiny.  Joan cleaned the windows.  It looks so pretty, I am reluctant to take it on the road and have all the front surfaces commit a mass bug-acide.  Well, not so reluctant that we plan to sit in one place.

That orange thing on the windshield... no, not a "Condemned" notice - that is to let the propane delivery truck know we are on the list for propane (another thing on our list).  Joan noticed that he drove right by us.  I went out, got in the car (didn't know how far he had gone), and took off after him... didn't need the car, he was not that far.  But, by the time I got to him, he was opening up the propane compartment on a 5th wheel.  I said, "When you're done with that one, we also need propane.  I have the orange card on the windshield, but I'm guessing you missed us."

He asked, "Are you Mr. Ba..."

"Yep, that's me."

"This isn't your 5th wheel?"

"Nope, and I'm not paying for their propane, either."  ;-)

"Ohhhh... good thing you caught me."  He closed up their propane compartment and drove over to our coach.  It isn't a huge tank, but we did make it all summer in the San Juans on one tank, then a bunch of traveling back home and the winter months here on another.  It didn't take him long to fill it.  He did have our name and site number on his list.

The rest of the afternoon was cleaning up ourselves, then getting holding tanks ready for the road.  We are having dinner with friends Mark and Cindy this evening, then showing them what the RV life is like.  May even have some time for guitar playing.  (Mark and I were in several bands together in our younger - and taller - years.)

The rest of our time here will be all about squeezing in as much kid-time as we can before we hit the road.

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