Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gun control...

Nothing political.  My definition of gun control is: hitting what you are
aiming at.

Some time at an indoor range today - it is a very nice place (Shooter's World).  They sell all kinds of gun accessories and ammo; a friendly and professional staff.  Twenty-five lanes with concrete block separation at the shooting stations.

This was the first opportunity to try out my smaller gun.  First time Joan has had her hands on it.  Because of the small stature and relatively short barrel, this is designed to be more of a "point and shoot" personal defense weapon.

Everything works as it should.  Still able to put the shots in a mostly tight area...

Joan was done after firing off a couple clips.  I went for specific spots: head, neck, right of center torso (between the "6 & 7")...

I am thinking it is fine for the intended purpose, and hope it will only ever be used for practice.

There were a variety of targets to select from (yes, you pay for them).  A portion of the sales of this one go towards breast cancer research.  Shooting for a Cure.

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