Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Making some music...

We had supper tonight with friends Mark and Cindy.  Afterwards, we came back to our RV park... gave them the whole nickel tour of the Aspect.  Izzy got shown off a bit.  Then, time to break out the guitars.

We did some "show and tell" inside, but it can get tight with 4 plus guitars, so we moved out to the patio...

We started out with Mark on the X20, me on the X7, then swapped.  It was after the swap  that Joan got the camera out.  Besides having fun with our friends, it was the first time I've heard these guitars from "out front" - nice.  The X7 had Mark smiling...

Little Izzy always likes to listen when I play.

We took turns with "do you remember this one?"

Mark and I played in bands together in high school and college.  We did a duo, Mark on piano, me on guitar, both of us doing vocals.  Made more than our day jobs back in our college days.

It is always a treat to see these two.  There are some friends that you can go years without seeing, then come right back to it, as though no time had passed... Mark and Cindy are that kind of friends.

I still do plenty of playing, but this was a special treat tonight.  And just a delight to spend this time with our friends.