Saturday, March 18, 2017


The wrap-up of Steph's "birthday week" and the beginning of their spring break... not just the students that look forward to spring break!

They were off work early yesterday, having competed parent-teacher conferences, giving us the opportunity to go out for supper before the evening event: BINGO.

We wound up with our own table, along with two couples that are friends of Steph and Dan's, and some of their family.  No one at our table won.  Not sure how the others fared, but I got close.  Once.  Needed one number for a $100 jackpot... they called 10 more numbers before someone shouted out "Bingo!"  It wasn't me.

During the last game, a "C" figure, on was on course for everything except that "C" figure.  Bizarro Bingo.  Or, as the title suggests: backwards Bingo.  A guy across from us won 3 jackpots... he coulda spread it around a bit.

The bingo balls giveth and the bingo balls taketh away... eth.

For the record: yes, I was wearing my lucky green shamrock necklace.

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