Monday, March 20, 2017

On the first day of spring, my true love said to me...

"Let's go shopping with the kids."  For those not keeping track, the kids (Steph and Dan) are in their 40s.  Mostly, I carried bags.  Joan and Steph shopped for clothes; Dan and I sat outside on a bench, making guy talk.  Joan and Steph shopped for shoes; Dan and I sat outside on a bench, making guy talk.  A few more stops to make sure everyone got something, and it was off to lunch.  At BJs.

Good food - did you know that two more kinds of meat on a burger make the burger even better?  Friendly waitress.  A good experience... but I was about to explode by holding in all the sophomoric BJ references.

What can I say - it is the first day of spring, and an old man's fancy turns to ... nice weather.

Joan wanted to hit up Costco on the way home.  Steph was wearing out.  Lightweight.  A walk through Costco is good exercise.  And, it is air conditioned... important when the first day of spring will be topping out above 90º.

Shopping, lunch, more shopping, and still home in time for a nap.


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