Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Semi-finals...

Talking about the Gravity Cruiser challenge.

Today was the day that both of Steph's science classes competed for distance with their Gravity Cruisers...

They got to have about a half hour of final fine tuning, then... time to put it on the line!  The top two finishers from each class will go on to the finals next week.

Yes, we were finally able to convince Joan to run her Cruiser... with no test runs, she would have been in the finals.  No, she is not competing against the kids.  ;-)

Fun day, but I was about worn out after two classes of this.  Then, it was off to Dan's school (about a mile away).  It is brand new this school year, and certainly looks it - nice facility.  It is a "performing arts" school... no, they are not dancing in the halls like the TV show Fame.  But, they do have expanded music, art and theater options at this school.  Dan gave us a tour of the whole place.

Steph had a reading program this evening at school (Dr. Seuss's birthday today), so we took Dan out for supper; ran some errands.  Now, my butt is really dragging.  Being around all this youth stuff wears a guy out.  ;-)

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