Monday, March 13, 2017

Time for a change...

The RV?  The new guitar?  Nah, it has been 3 1/2 weeks with the new guitar - time to change out the strings.

Do they need to be changed that often?  Thanks for asking - it depends on the type of string.  I generally use Elixir strings; a bit more expensive, but they last a lot longer.  And, they are what my fingers are used to (I use them on all my other guitars).  They are a coated string, so my fingers slide on the strings with less "squeek."

Joan had some kitty things to do at Steph's today (one of her kitties has been having some digestive issues), so while Joan was out, I took over the galley counter to use as my guitar work-station...

Good height, worked fine.  How does it sound now?  Well, you are just full of questions, aren't you?  First thing I noticed with the Elixir Phosphor Bronze was a bit more of a "jangly" sound... probably not a technical luthier term, but a bit brighter than the D'Addario strings that it came with.  That sound usually tames down after some playing.  And, it plays great; I do like the feel of these Elixirs.

This gave me a chance to really look the guitar over... damn, this thing is beautiful!  Flawless construction, and this wood veneer is just so striking.  What?  Yeah, I've mentioned that before.  But, not for at least a week or so.

The X20 should be good for a couple months, at least, before needing another string change.

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