Monday, March 13, 2017

Tonight on our sunset walk...

We barely got a block away.  One couple driving by in their golf cart did a quick turn around to come back and talk about "that beautiful kitty and look how she walks on a leash!"  The lady got out of the cart, and Izzy let her do some petting.  The lady had questions about the leash, the harness, and what it takes to get a cat to actually walk on a leash.  Izzy was on her best leash behavior.

A couple other comments from people walking or riding bikes passing by.  On the way home, another woman came up and asked, "Aren't you afraid if you let her experience the outdoors she will just want to run away?"

"Run away?  She has it made - 4 meals a day, lots of snuggle time, outside when she wants, inside when she wants, and plenty of nap time, away from anything that would try to eat her!"

She said they have a cat - I could see it in the front window of their coach, but they are paranoid about it getting outside.  I said, "Last year, Izzy got out at night when we didn't get the screen door shut tight.  She did a little 'walk about,' but knew which place was hers when she strolled back... after I was out there for about 45 minutes with a flashlight.  And, the next day, we did our normal leash walking.  I would rather have her experience the outside, on her leash, than to wait to make a break."

Joan had the porch light on for us when we got back.

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