Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A day's difference...

24 hours ago, we were just pulling in from a truly delightful dolphin experience.  Today... it started out windy and drizzly, with the temps dropping all day; to a chilly 52º with a strong north wind.  The rain has stopped for now.  Nothing I needed to go outside for today.  Well, other than a quick step outside to press the button on some of our Christmas rope lights to switch them from green to white... for some reason, they come on green.  White works better with the rest of the lights.

Another day or three and those will come down.  Joan put away all the indoor Christmas decorations today.

From what I read, many people with a cat have problems with their feline family member attacking the tree.  We have been fortunate: our first kitty, Smoke, was pretty small and she only swatted at the low hanging decorations.  Raise those up, and all was good.  Molly never bothered any decorations, but she was more like a furry person than a cat. Izzy is just the sweetest little thing ever, and doesn't cause problems; has never gone after Christmas decorations or anything on a table or shelf.

I see that much of the country is having severe cold and wintery weather.  I don't miss that a bit.  These northers that blow in this time of year are more than enough to make me appreciate our sub-tropical climate.

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