Sunday, December 31, 2017


On the Carbon Fiber guitar forum, where I participate pretty regularly, there is a guy with an Emerald X7 looking to sell or trade.  He would like a bigger guitar.  Incidentally, I have a bigger guitar (a RainSong Shorty limited edition) that hasn't been out of its case in a year.  Yes, I already have an X7... this one on the forum is an amber color with upgraded tuners and pick-up.  I sent him a note.

He wanted to see photos of the Shorty.  I got the guitar out, and Joan and I both said, "Oh - I forgot how pretty that guitar is."  It is one of 15 made with the abalone soundhole rosettes and sharks as fret markers, and an all-gloss finish on this particular model.

After sitting all that time, the guitar was still in tune.  (Another nice feature of carbon fiber)  I took the strings off, polished it up, put new strings on, and took some photos...

Some close-ups that show pick gouges that happened when I lent it out for an evening.  You have to disclose stuff like this for guitar fanatics.

Yep, this guitar looks, plays, and sounds great.  Interesting situation.

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