Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Them changes...

Happy change for me: with the offending razor-like broken crown out of my mouth, my raggedy tongue is on the mend.  I can eat and talk without getting "stabbed."  First time since it broke that I've been able to sing again... a mixture of Christmas tunes and old rock 'n roll.

The big change: one of the TV weather weasels said, "Winter this year will be Wednesday and Thursday this week..."  It will drop from the 80s today to a high in the low 50s tomorrow.  Wind.  Rain.  Colder and rainier on Thursday.  I think I will be wearing long pants.

Knowing that we won't be out playing the next couple days, Joan made a run to HEB and Walmart, I got some exercise on my e-bike.  You can tell the population on our island is making the change to "winter (Texan) mode"... while riding, one driver backed out of the driveway without looking, and a couple of golf carts drove through the stop signs, cutting in front of me.  Yep, that's a change compared to the relative quiet in October and November.

It wouldn't be a complete post without some Izzy content.  Some folks think cats are expression-less... they would be wrong.  Even sweet little kitties like Izzy can show complete disdain (and changing expressions):

Chillin' on the couch...

"Izzy, look here!" trying to take her photo...

"Huh-uh.  OK, here - shoot quick!"

"Let me get another..."


"Come on - look sweet for me!"

Yep, just a little sweetie.



Some light in the western sky; probably going to be a few days before we see anything like that again...


On edit: with the title to this post, if you said, "Buddy Miles, 1970," you get 350 bonus points!

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