Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter Solstice...

Didja feel it?  As of 10:28am local time, winter is officially here.  Wouldn't know it by me, as it got to around 80º here this afternoon.  The daylight hours will be getting longer again.  Being this far south, it isn't like living up in the frozen northland, where it was dark when we went to work and dark when we came home.  OK, the key word in that previous sentence is... work.  It is starting to get bright when the Today Show comes on at 7:00, and the sun doesn't set here until around 5:43pm today.

On the flip side of that, we don't get the 15 to 16 hours of daylight like the Summer Solstice in the Pacific Northwest.  We're closer to the equator, so there is less of a dramatic change.

The weather weasels are now making their guesses for the next week, covering Christmas...

Yep, only 68º for a high on Christmas Day.

A bit of startling weather news today: a snowflake right here at our house!  No, not the frozen kind... Joan picked up another display for our deck...

We have had a couple lighted 5-pointed stars for our Christmas lights over the years, but we couldn't find any this year.  So, a "snowflake" on the other side of that white post.  And that is all the "snow" I want to see for Christmas.  The lights needed a "centerpiece"... this will do.

After lunch out with Mike and MJ, I wired in a new switch for our living room ceiling fan/light... we can control the brightness and color temperature of those lights by voice.  Or with an app.  I may never have to leave my chair... is there a smart device that will respond accordingly when I say, "I could really use a cheeseburger"?


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