Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Not hyperactive...

Just needed to work off all that pizza.

We went out for lunch to Pizza Ranch.  They have a pizza buffet.  Not just pizza... a bunch of different pizza offerings, a salad bar, fried chicken, 4 different kinds of potatoes (including a mojo type breaded potato wedge), gravy, green beans, corn,,, and desserts.  Dessert pizza (chocolate, cherry, peach, and cactus bread) and ice cream.

I got my money's worth.  I congratulated myself as I waddled back to the car.  ;-)

Once back to the motorhome, I went for a walk.  Then, a bicycle ride.  Then out for a curvy loop on the scoot.

We are in a period of "unsettled weather" (quoting one of the local weather weasels), meaning a good chance of rain for the next few days.  Looking at the forecast, I didn't think I'd get out on the scoot, but the sky looked pretty decent when we got back to the motorhome.  On my way back from the scooter ride, I had about 3 raindrops on the windshield and my helmet.  It is coming.  Timing.

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