Saturday, March 23, 2013

Announcing the solution to "Helmet Hair"!!!

OK, several people have asked about Joan's invention to eliminate "helmet hair."  I can't reveal the details at this time, but...


When we used to motorcycle tour, Joan drove her own Goldwing.  She wore a pin that read "Hairdo by Honda."  It seems that isn't enough these days.  Roll Eyes  I plan to sign her up for "Shark Tank" (the TV show) in the near future.  Wink

Joan generally wears her hair nicely quaffed.  We discussed this... "Let's see.  We need to determine your potential market for sales.  Take the number of women who like to do their hair with some volume: several million.  Now, the number of women who ride motorcycles or scooters: again several million.  Good potential market.  Now, intersect those who ride AND do their hair with some volume... ah, a potential market of 30 or so.  Huh

Joan said, "We could set up a booth at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally."

"Good idea!  Let's see... the number of people who go to Sturgis... about 500,000 +/- 100,000.  The number of those who are female... about 100,000 +/- 20,000.  Not good odds for a guy looking for a date, but a decent potential market.  Now, factor in the number of those who wear a helmet... umm... about 14.  That does limit potential sales a bit."  Wink

Marketing was one of my strong suits back in our working days.  Also, knowing how to price for profitability.  Minimally, it would be good to see $1M in sales.  "So, if we price your invention at $5, you'd need to sell about 200,000 of them.  Alternatively, you could price them at $100,000 each and only have to sell 10!"

I am working on the infomercial...

"Ladies - do you have hair?"  (Several quick cuts of lovely models with perfect hair)

"Do you want it to look good?"  (Model nodding her head)

"Even after wearing a motorcycle helmet for several hours?" (OK, we're going to lose some viewers after that last question, but cut to a model with "helmet hair" stuck to her head, looking distressed)

"Announcing the new: "Helmet Hair Be-Gone®"!!" (Shot of a model from the back, removing helmet, turning head, slow motion as she flips her hair and turns to smile at the camera)

"Gone are the days of this..." (cut to model with helmet hair, facial expression looking distressed)

"Now, you can have this..." (cut to same model with perfect hair, surrounded by handsome men looking longingly at her)

"The new "Helmet Hair Be-Gone®" (quick cut to the product, not long enough for anyone to see the details) is the solution when you're on the go on two wheels."  (Cut to a shot of a slender lass on a scooter with long hair flowing out the back of her helmet, then a shapely babe in leather on a cruiser wearing a full-face helmet emblazoned with flames, followed by a long-legged model straddling a crotch-rocket removing her helmet and shaking out perfect hair).

"Helmet Hair Be-Gone®" - available wherever fine beauty products and motorcycle accessories are sold." (Shot of the packaging, followed by the last model holding a helmet and winking at the camera)

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