Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just boppin'...

Another beautiful day in the desert.  You may have heard me say that the desert isn't my favorite place... we've had a lot of days in a row of warm, sunny, and very light wind.  Perfect scootering weather.

We put about 55 miles on the scooters today - we're getting close to the break-in service miles necessary, and we're a week out for our service appointment.  Main roads, but not highways; out for lunch, doing some shopping.  The under-seat storage was full by the time we got home... it makes me chuckle.  We didn't get as many waves today; I may have to step up my happy face for our next outing.  ;-)  Plenty of comments from people around us when we park... "Did you ride those all the way from..."

I am really enjoying this change of pace.  Watching the local news this morning, the traffic report was telling about all the slow-downs on I-10 and I-17: traffic was down to 25 mph in a lot of places.  They'd be better off getting scooters and staying off those Interstates.  :-D

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