Friday, March 22, 2013

Scootering to the RV Show, and: helping helmet hair...

These "RV Shows" that are actually a dealer who has moved their inventory to another location make me chuckle.  They go through a BUNCH of effort to move several hundred rigs, pay to put them in a different location (in this case, the University of Phoenix Stadium)... and because of that, they can sell 'em cheaper!

Really, you would think it would save them money to just stay in their normal location (in this situation, about 8 or 9 miles away).

Oh well, we enjoy wandering through the RVs when they do this.  And on a weekday, we aren't caught up in the weekend crowd of families with kids who say, "Look, Martha - we could sleep all 8 kids in here!"

"Oh, yes, Melvin.  Let's open and slam closed every cabinet door and drawer in this thing!"

Today, the crowd was very light.  The salespeople outnumbered the lookers.

On the outside of the stadium, the first thing we came to was a display of toy haulers...

"Look - we can haul the new scooters!"  Oh, no - we've been through that.  I would consider something smaller than the HitchHiker down the road, but that is a bit too spartan for my tastes.

We went inside the stadium, where there were rows and rows of RVs...

This one is comfortable...

Pretty sure this one sleeps TWO and a cat...

After nearly two hours of walking and gawking, my belly was telling me it was past time for lunch.  There were still two hundred more RVs outside... yeah, I think we'll pass on that.

Late lunch, then over to Steph and Dan's, where our new windshields for the scooters should be waiting for us.  FedEx had other ideas - there was a door tag saying, "Sorry we missed you."  Even though we left a signature on the door for them.  I was planning on installing them yet today... tomorrow is another day.

The scooter riding was good.  Joan had a few things she wanted at Harbor Freight... I am a lucky guy, since she would rather shop there (most days) instead of Macy's.  ;-)

Warm, sunny, and breezy today.

Joan got tired of having "helmet hair" the past couple weeks... she told me that she is going to make something to help keep her hair from flattening in the front due to the helmet.  I kinda laughed it off.  She did the first prototype today... and it works!  Notice, she is not wearing a hat in any of the above photos.  Like something out of the movies, she takes off the helmet, shakes her hair... and gorgeous!  OK, maybe she picked through it, too... but, it wasn't plastered to her head.  She has an idea for prototype 2.0.  I think she may be on to something!

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