Thursday, March 21, 2013

Speed runs...

That may be an oxymoron with a 153cc scooter. ;-)

We ran some errands and made a lunch stop while out scootering around.  With just under 600 miles on the odometer, I suggested we "run 'em up" to get some high speed miles on them before the break-in service.  After we dropped off the groceries, we headed for a secondary highway.

These little scooters pull just fine to about 55 miles per hour.  With a 15 mph quartering headwind, gaining speed above 55 takes patience.  It was still climbing at 62 mph, but slowly.  I tucked down and the rate of speed increase increased... a little.  Sitting back upright, and it flattened out again.

The motorcycle press says these little scoots will do 70 mph... maybe in a no-wind situation... with someone a bit lighter than me... and room to run.  ;-)  Yep, they're Interstate legal, but they are much happier on secondary roads and byways.  Come to think of it, when I'm on this scooter, I'm happier on the byways, too!

And little Izzy during all this?  She's sleeping in air-conditioned comfort... "Are you two back already?"

Another fuel-up today - I did not break the century mark... Jim's bike: 98 mpg; Joan's bike: 104 mpg.


Bill K said...

Well since you can't put your foot in the carb, I guess you must have put your finger in the carb. LOL

Bill Kelleher

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Carb? These speedsters are fuel injected! ;-)

Bill K said...

Make's you wonder why they don't make the smaller outboard's injected also.

Bill Kelleher