Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Do you know who that is???

Years ago, I met a guy while discussing his very unique sailing trimaran in the Pacific Northwest.  He came back to our boat, where we sat in the cockpit and visited some more.  I posted a photo that Joan took of my new friend Steve and me.

There was a response on the trailersailor forum; "Do you know who that is?  That is Steven Roberts!  He is brilliant!"

The implication, of course, was: he is brilliant, I am not.  Well, that's how I read it.  "What did you two have to talk about?" went unsaid.  ;-)

Steve and I have been friends since that time.  I'll have you know he has even asked for my advice on a couple things.  OK, not the techie things he is well-known for, but I digress.

That Microship that first drew me to go visit with him is going up for sale.  Here's a link to Steve's FB post...


Steve is famous for his bike trek across the US, full of mobile computer geekery before mobile computing existed.  This Microship project was to be the on-the-water equivalence of that.  It is not a typical trailersailor, but I thought some of you might enjoy a look at this very unique boat.

It is designed to be a one-person watercraft; Steve's original intent was to have a second one and travel together.  Plans change.  It can be powered by sail, pedal, and electric motor.  It will sleep one.  Has its own "landing gear" for when it comes out of the water...

Pretty impressive.

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