Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Froggy went a courtin'...

If you said, "English language folk song, first mentioned in 1580," you don't get any bonus points, but you really need to audition for Jeopardy... "I'll take 'Folk Songs for $400, Alex."

The weasels were calling for thunderstorms today.  As of 5:00pm, it hasn't happened.  In fact, a cool, comfortable day, with mostly sunshine and a high around 74ยบ.  With the forecast, we decided to take the day off the scoots; when Joan asked me what I wanted to do, I said, "Let's go to Cabela's and see what car dealers are out in that area; have some lunch out; do whatever shopping you need to do."

So, we have a plan.  The area out by Cabela's has become "new car row" - lots of dealers, with room for plenty of inventory.  The Honda motorcycle dealer is in the process of relocating on this road.  No, we don't need any cars or motorcycles, but I did want to wander through Cabela's.  Nothing I needed there.

It's small for a Cabela's...

I just like to look around - they have great mounts (taxidermy), and generally good quality outdoor wear.  Sometimes, they even have shoes that will fit my fat feet.  I looked at a sharp-looking HUK shirt... $69.99... fortunately, they didn't have my size.  ;-)  Wandering through their shoes, we found a style of Keen's that I haven't seen before - only two sizes left, and one of them fit me!  I take that as a sign that I should go for it.  These have an adjustable back strap and don't have that typical Keen hard, bumpy footbed.  Comfortable.

On the way to the Bargain Cave, we saw Frog Toggs for $19.99.  They aren't the fancy print design, but they fold small and will be great to have in the scoots.  For those not familiar with Frog Toggs: they are rain gear (jacket and pants) that are waterproof AND breathable.  I don't know how the fabric knows the difference between rain and sweat, but these are a big plus over the plastic rain gear that is like wearing a sauna.  These are plain green, but about half the price of the regular Toggs.  Being the candy-ass I am, I will continue to do my best to avoid riding in the rain; but if/when it happens again, we'll be prepared.

Joan saw a range-gear bag (for toting guns and ammo) that was priced right and said, "This would hold all that gear you have for you new little camera."  And, to think there wasn't anything I thought we needed here!

And, the best part: when we got to the register to pay, I asked, "Now that you are owned by Bass Pro, can I use my VIP card here?"  Pleasant surprise: yes... a discount and reward points; nice!

We went out for a late lunch, then did a little shopping, finishing off with a stop at Wally World.  It was Roller Derby Day at Walmart, and there were "blockers" galore in every aisle.  I treated it like a game - bounced off that cart, take out the old lady on the electric cart, bank off the frozen food freezers and get the point!  The crowd goes wild!

We didn't need that much, so it wasn't a big challenge.

Back to the coach in time for Rufus's supper feeding.  And, the sun is still shining!

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