Saturday, July 14, 2018

Motion sickness...

I enjoy riding the scoots through the curvy roads here in the Black Hills; the curves, the changes in elevation... yep, some fine riding.

I'm still refining my use of the Akaso V50 Pro camera I got this week.  Oh, it is infinitely easier to use than my GoPro, but it still isn't "point and shoot."  Well, not in the sense of using as "an action cam."  With the camera alone, it takes a couple presses on the touch screen to switch it from stills to video.  With the watch-like remote, you can do it with one press.  With that remote strapped on the handlebar grip, you can't always tell if you hit the bottom (I always ride with gloves).

Oh, you can look over at that 2" screen attached to the mirror stalk... but, that takes your eyes off the road.  My goal is to get this so I don't have to take my eyes off the road or my hands off the grips.  I am getting there.

One thing that happens when the camera is attached to the bike: when you lean going through a corner, the horizon of the image leans, too...  kinda cool on the video, not so much with the still images.  I can crop and straighten the stills after the fact...

Here's a look at the video...

Probably best with the sound off, since it is just wind noise; and, it was darn windy when I shot these.  For me, it is more fun to ride it than to watch it.  This is just a portion of that enjoyable road that is very close to where we are staying.

If clicking on that image above doesn't run the video, you can find it at this link:

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