Monday, April 10, 2017

A day off...

What?  You're retired - every day is a day off!

Yeah, but there is almost always stuff that need to be done.  Especially when you have been away from home for a few months.  It was a unanimous decision to take the day off from coach stuff.  I need to clean the exterior, Joan will do the interior.  Tomorrow.  Or, the next day.  I am trying to observe this mañana stuff.  ;-)

Instead, we were up early; went out for breakfast.  Did some grocery shopping.  Got a little nap in.  Out to a movie (Going In Style - predictable, but still fun), then out for supper.  Drove by the beach.  It is warm and windy; feels downright tropical.  Almost feels like vacation, except, this is just everyday life.

We looked for dolphins as we drove over our bridge and the causeway - didn't see any.  When the coach work is done, we'll put it away and get out the boat.  We really need to see some dolphins.
There is stuff to do, but... mañana... it doesn't mean "tomorrow," it just means: "not today."


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