Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Checkin' 'em off...

The weather weasels were calling for a 40% chance of precip this morning.  When we could see that wasn't going to materialize, we went to work on getting the coach cleaned up.  Joan cleaned top to bottom inside, I scrubbed down the exterior.  The front cap took 4 scrubbings to get the bugs all off; the sides and back cleaned up with just one scrub-down.  Joan ran the last of our fresh water out of the tank, and I dumped the holding tanks.  When the bed linens and towels are done being washed, they will go back into the coach... and, it will be ready to take to storage.  Maybe tomorrow.

Right now, it is closing in on 3:00, and we haven't had lunch.  The next scrubbing was us... looks like we've missed the lunch specials everywhere around here.  ;-)

The coach looks good.  A bit more sprucing up, and so will we.

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