Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Glad we got out yesterday...

Hot, windy, and humid today... with dirt blowing in the wind.  It ain't pretty.  One weather weasel called it, "25 gusting to 21"... really, I am not making that up.  Currently, they are calling it "SSE at 26 gusting to 33."  The temp is 83º, but will be over 100º further in the Valley.  Small Craft Advisory due to the wind.

I am calling it: fugly.

I went out in the blowing dirt to put the cover on the boat - trying to keep that fine sand from getting in every nook and cranny.  Pretty sure we have plenty of nooks, but not that many crannies.

I had thoughts of getting out on the scoots today.  That will just remain a thought, not a realization.

They can't all be like yesterday.  They are calling for "another cold front" this weekend.  We can hope.  ;-)

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