Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Scooter Tag...

The wind died down today - sure left a coat of dirt on everything.  With the dew in the morning, followed by all that wind and blowing sand/dirt, our poor Honda was a dirty mess.  After lunch, we ran it through the car wash... it's white again!

We got out on the scoots for a bit, with a stop for Blizzards at the DQ.  I looked up the current tag on the scooter forum: your scoot by a taco truck or a grain elevator.  Well, tacos are a mainstay around here, and available in most of the restaurants.  That and the fact that there is no major employment that would lend itself to a food vendor truck put us out of the running.  Oh, and they don't put grapefruit or sugarcane in elevators.  ;-)

A bit of angst this afternoon: after a couple weeks of having my Emerald guitars in their cases, we got the guitar room arranged.  But, one of the guitars that was already on the wall had to go in its case and into the closet.  It was like a reality show: I played each; then played them again.  It came down to the Taylor 522 12-fret or the RainSong Shorty.  Sorry, Shorty.

No way either of the Emeralds is going back in the case - nice to have some variety when I sit down to play each day.

A warm one today - still 82º at 9:30 this evening.  I think I'll need to hose off the cover before I take it off the boat tomorrow... 'cause it's always cooler on the water.

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