Wednesday, April 12, 2017


You're thinking: "Did you stop in Colorado on the way home to pick up some of their legal cash crop?"


It was a lovely morning.  We had some gusty winds during the night, but the predicted "possible severe weather" didn't materialize.  In fact, the winds were light and it was hazy sunshine, typical of our sub-tropical weather.  We had a plan: take the coach to storage, bring the boat back.

Mother Nature had other plans.

Less than half-way to our storage unit (38 miles from our home), the sky started to look ominous.  That didn't last long... it went from ominous to downright nasty!  The sky opened up and poured on our freshly (and lovingly) washed coach.  It rained so hard there was water standing in the road.  Trucks going the other direction tossed tidal waves of ugly road water on that pretty paint.

Completely wasted effort.

A few miles from our storage unit, the rain let up.  In fact, it was dusty and gusty in that stretch of road... kicking up another layer to stick to our wet coach.  We pulled up to the storage unit, and I got out to check... oh, yeah, the coach is an ugly, dirty mess.

Then, it started to sprinkle there - a little something to make sure any of that blowing dust we picked up just minutes before would stick good.

Rather than pull the boat out, we pushed it a bit further into the storage unit, and put the coach in front of it.  No, I didn't want to haul the boat boat back through that dirty wet mess.  Another day.

Joan could tell I was upset... on the way home (in our particularly dirty CR-V), she asked, "How would you feel about a DQ Blizzard?"

It didn't make my frustration go away... but, it was tasty.

Oh, and the precip potential for this morning: 10%.  (Sigh)

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