Saturday, June 23, 2018

Now we're talking...

We have to stay gone for a while... it's a lot of damn work gearing up to head out.  ;-)

The new plan: get the motorhome from the storage unit; park it by the house; load at our reasonable leisure.  Assuming we can get it to the house without having to drive through any flooded roads.  We took a different road to the storage unit - came across one area where there was a few inches of water on the road for less than a block, and even less than that on the return side of the road.  We have a route (and it beats going miles out of the way to avoid the roads we took before).

At the storage unit, the standing water had gone down by more than 50% - we have good access to staying on gravel to get the coach out.  I undid electricity, Joan put down stuff for travel mode, and we rolled.

This is one of the flooded scenes along the way...

We stopped right before home to top off both vehicles - good to start with a full tank.

I parked the motorhome by the house; Joan got it leveled while I plugged in power.  87º with the same humidity as earlier - a/c is your friend.  I sanitized the fresh water tank and all the lines.  I'll pump that tank out on our first night out and it's all good.

 Seems like it has been a lot of build-up to get to this point.  And, yes, we are anxious to see how Rufus does in the coach again (it was his first home with us).

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