Saturday, July 1, 2017


No, not my score on the college ACT tests.  Although, tests were easier back then - not so much history to have to know... dinosaurs, Columbus, Revolutionary War... done.  Easier language skills, too... we used complete sentences.  I know I am one of those dinosaurs because I use punctuation and capitalization in texts.

No, the 100% is coming from the weather weasels.  Definitely, nothing to do with their accuracy, but they are calling for a 100% chance of rain today.  Pretty easy call - all you have to do is look out the window.

Little Izzy thought she wanted to go for a walk this morning.  She was wrong.  Walking a cat is a for-the-fun-of-it endeavor.  She looked out the window and said, "I think I'll take a nap."

Good decision.

When the rain eased up a bit, we both watched people walking dogs in the rain (carrying bags of poop)...

Nobody was smiling.  Wet, muddy dogs.  I may join Izzy in that nap.  Here in the coach.  Where it is dry.  And listen to the pitter-pat of rain on the roof.

Izzy said, "Didn't their mommas teach them to come in out of the rain?"

"Don't gloat, Iz."  I don't think she remembers that she was a shelter rescue who was found in a field, after a hurricane.

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