Sunday, July 9, 2017

Alex Bay...

We went into Alexandria Bay today, to walk around town a bit and have some lunch.  We ate at a restaurant near the water, with a table that gave us a nice view...

We watched this boat rotate and come in to the dock...

A fine job bringing it alongside.  They quickly moved people off the boat, then immediately started boarding the next bunch.  After about 15 minutes, a bus pulled in, and a young lady tried her best to herd people from the bus to the boat.  Like trying to herd cats... well, the cats would be cuter and move faster.

Lunch was interesting - Joan ordered a Cuban sandwich on flatbread - we are a long ways from Cuba, but it looked decent.  I ordered a burger, essentially topped with poutine (fries, cheese curds, and dark gravy)... it took care of my meat needs and the poutine craving I was having.

We are heading out tomorrow, so made a stop at PriceChopper again before going back to the coach.  Apparently, this was not a unique thought, because the place was packed.  This being a tourist destination, it was clear that most of the people wandering aimlessly were on vacation.  We bobbed and weaved - made it through in only twice as long as it should have taken.

There were spits of rain off and on today; more off than on.  And wind.  Little Izzy wanted another walk before we settled in for the evening.  It can be very entertaining watching an 8 pound long-haired cat walk in the wind... she does not like the wind blowing on her "furry chaps"... makes her walk kinda diagonally (front legs head a different direction than the rear legs).  Side note: cats do not like it when you chuckle at them.

You can see the wind moving her fur...

I couldn't get one of her "crab-walk."

"That's not funny!"

Heading for Vermont tomorrow.


Kent said...

Don't know where in VT you two are go'n-- I had a Snowmobile Camp near by this store..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Kent,

We're heading towards Bar Harbor in Maine. Joan did wine tasting while in the NY Finger Lakes area, I may have to do some ice cream tasting with Ben and Jerry. ;-)

Kent said...

Woodford is between Bennington and Wilmington on Rt. 9-- Southern VT.. If you two get down that way after Main "Hope You See The Tide in The Bay of Fundy"

Ben & Jerry Tasting-- Can't go wrong with that..

If you two want to "Rough it" Over night-- Head down this Rd.. It is mostly Dirt-- Camping area about 3/4 Miles in the woods..
Somerset Rd
Searsburg, VT 05363

Many other Camp Sites are around Woodford too-- I had my Snowmobile Camp in Woodford Lake "Estates" Not more than a 1/2 Mile from the V.A.S.T. Trails..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

My idea of "roughing it" is a campsite that isn't perfectly level and paved. ;-) Those damn trees get in the way of my satellite TV. And, with all the rain they've had in these parts, I am not intentionally going on any dirt road... I'd be up to my axles in muck. But, other than that, sounds great! LOL