Saturday, July 8, 2017

Catch our breath...

We have been go-going a bunch.  Last night, the area got what they didn't need: a thunderstorm with hard pounding rain.  A couple times.  No issue for us, nestled all snug in our motorhome... well, except for the noise.  I turned over and went back to sleep.

We both slept in - make that: all three of us slept in - this morning.  We talked about doing some running around in the area, but decided to just take a lazy day.  Grocery shopping, maybe some laundry.  I did re-set a piece of interior trim... something we asked the dealer to take care of when we bought the coach.  Joan is making us a fresh pizza.  If it doesn't rain (looks like it might), Izzy will get a walk.

We'll see what movies are on HBO or Amazon Prime.  Not exactly "rustic camping."  ;-)

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