Saturday, July 29, 2017

Please come to Boston (and Izzy content)...

If you said, "Dave Loggins, 1974," you get 350 bonus points.  Kenny Chesney did a remake of it in 2004 - no bonus points, however.

We had talked about going to Boston today.  It was chilly and raining this morning... it was moved, seconded, and voted: can that and let's lounge.  We've had plenty of crowds, and we're heading towards Washington, DC, in the next week... we're plenty up to date on dealing with crowds.

Instead, this afternoon, we drove around the local area.  Headed out towards a spit that goes into Plymouth Bay, but you had to have a permit to enter that area.  We really enjoyed looking at the homes along the water.  We came to this long wooden bridge...

There were people kite surfing in the protected water here...

61º, gray overcast with occasional spits of rain, and wind 15 to 18... not my idea of fun.  We timed it right for our whale watch yesterday with the great weather.

After touristing around a bit more, we stopped for a late lunch at an Irish bar/restaurant.  Then, to a nearby grocery store to restock since we'll be heading out again in the morning.

Back to the RV around 5:00, and little Izzy let us know she was tired of being cooped up inside.  The ground around the RV site is sandy soil, so not muddy... "OK, let's go for a walk."  She quivered with excitement while I was hooking up her leash.

"Come on, old man, try to keep up!

I was impressed with her outdoor skills: "See this moss?  This is the north side of this tree."

"I think there is something in this underbrush!"  She is showing her pointing skills...

"This is my good side."

I told her, "All your sides are good, Iz."

She responded, "That is very true."

"Hear that sound?  I believe that is a small child screaming!"

"Good deduction, Iz.  It's a kid; they scream.  It's what they do."

"I don't understand why more people don't have cats instead of screaming kids?"

"It's a mystery to me, Iz."

We are definitely getting better with understanding each other.  ;-)


Hudson River Boater said...

Hi Kids.. If you two get close to Fairfield County CT. It would be hoot to meet you two..

I might even be able to arrange a Whale watch tour off of Westport-- At least a Boat Ride..

Thanks for sharing your adventures..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Just saw this message, HRB - afraid we rolled through Connecticut today, as we made it a "5 state day" (these northeast states are compact compared to the Lone Star State). Sorry we missed you.