Friday, September 2, 2022

Swimming and cooking with Stephanie's Mother...


If you said, "Bullshit things that Stephanie said when she was little," you get 20 bonus points.  She was asked about her hobbies when she was in like 2nd grade - she wrote, "Swimming and cooking with my Mother."  She was afraid of the water (I don't know why) and was never in the kitchen when Joan was cooking.

So, today, after swimming laps, Stephanie's Mother and I made breakfast.  Yes, more bullshit - the last time I swam laps was before my hip surgery.  But, Joan and I did work together at the griddle this morning.  I cooked bacon and sausage, then turned the griddle over to her; she made the pancakes, her first time with the griddle.  Everything was tasty!

After the clean-up, I changed into some riding gear and set out on the CTX.  Today is supposed to be a high of 87º, and then a week of 90s coming up; I figured I should get some riding in while the temp is decent.  For the next week, it will be early outings or no riding.

I rode south on Highway 79 to Highway 36.  Through Custer State Park, then a right on Highway 89 for that fun, twisty road.  I intentionally stayed off of Iron Mountain Road and Needles Highway, with the expectation of holiday traffic.  Then, a turn onto Highway 212, past Mt Rushmore, through Keystone, a right on Highway 40, then a left on South Rockerville Road.  My road selection worked out as hoped, and made for fun riding at any speed I wanted.

Yes, I shot some video.  Grabbed a few "snapshots" from that.  A nice riding day!

And, some "shorts" videos...

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